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Open Source Lisbon Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

About the conference
Open Source Lisbon is an annual event for business professionals and tech enthusiasts with a special interest in Innovation, Open Source technologies, and new ways to drive digital business transformation.

The only official way of communication with the Open Source Lisbon Event Committee is by email to or (for sponsorship purposes).

Privacy Policy
We collect user’s personal information for event registration and accreditation management, send news and updates about the event, online surveys, and share conference presentations.

​Due to GDPR, your data will become part of Syone's database. When you register for the event you agree to receive news about Syone and its events. We never sell or rent your email address or other personal information you provide us.

Sponsors will be able to access your information (name, email, telephone number, department, role, and company name). Be aware that, once registered at the event, you may be contacted by them.

We ensure that your data is protected by security protocols, adapted to internet communications, being preserved in a secure server with conditional access.

You can remove the present consent anytime and you can exercise the rights foreseen in the legislation (access, rectification, delectation, opposition, portability) through contact for the following email: without prejudice to the right of submitting a complaint to the competent control authority.

Your data will not be used for other purpose than the mentioned above without your express and prior consent.

By attending this Event, you agree that you are not allowed to bring into the Event venue any equipment for broadcasting sounds or images for any purpose other than a private non-commercial purpose.

You understand and agree to Syone and its agents making recordings of you by any means including, without limitation and compensation of any kind to you: electronic recording, film, videotape, audiotape and photography (the “Recordings”). You agree that Syone shall be the copyright owner of the Recording and understand that Open Source Lisbon is not obligated to use the Recordings.

You also understand and agree that third parties attending the Event may capture your image by many means including, without limitation: electronic recording, film, videotape, audiotape, and photography. By attending the event, you agree to the capture of your image without compensation to you and you release such third parties from any and all claims and causes of action.

You release Syone from any claims and causes of action you may have now or in the future based upon defamation, invasion of the right of privacy, publicity or personality, copyright or trademark infringement, and unfair competition in connection with the Recordings and Syone’s use of the Recordings. You agree not to institute any legal action based on any grounds whether or not specified in this section.

The Open Source Lisbon Event Committee may amend the event program at any time, if necessary.

The organisers will not accept liability for damages of any nature, or loss of, or damage of their personal property as a result of the Event or related events.

Safety and Security
Open Source Lisbon is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please remain aware and keep your personal possessions, included but not limited, to passports, electronics, and financial instruments secure at all times.

Open Source Lisbon Challenge Rules (when applied)
To be able to participate in the Open Source Lisbon Challenge and compete it is important to know:
- It is necessary to scan your badge in all stands of the event;
- Companies that organize and sponsor the event, their employees, and their families cannot compete for the prize;
- Candidates have the same chance of winning. The draw will be done randomly among those who are able to compete, with the first drawn being the first place and so on. Until the 3 winners are completed. The winners will receive an email with all the information about the prize and voucher, up to 5 days after the event.


Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct 
The Open Source Lisbon Event Committee assume that all attendees are well-intended. Open Source Lisbon event has proven to be a safe and productive environment for everyone involved in all its previous editions.

The sessions will be held in English, including all written and oral instructions of speakers and sessions. We recommend that you make sure that your fluency in oral and spoken English will allow you to enjoy the event.


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